A present for a long stay

If you stay in our Suite for more than 3 nights, you will receive a complementary gift from the hotel.
20% off
round-the-clock service
sheltered parking

Chamber concerts and events

Stringent exquisiteness of the banquet hall in the antique mansion is a marvellous setting for chamber events.
till 23:00
from 20 people
customized seats arrangements

Private club
«Business Priority»

Bonus program for business owners and their employers. round-the-clock service
round-the-clock service
saving scheme
special prices

Alone in the universe

Sometimes we all wish to spend time ‘tete-a-tete’ as a couple so that nothing but you and your feelings exist, and so you could disclose even the most secret thoughts or make a declaration, or give someone just that something extra special.
private event
price from 3000 rubles person
from 2 persons

If you stay in our Suite for more than 3 nights you will get a complementary gift from the hotel.

In «Sivre Estate» there are two unique Suites; “Peter Alabin” and “Alfred von Vacano”, each of which is exclusive and equipped with everything you should need for the most comfortable stay. These rooms will not leave you wanting for anything else!

You can book any of them by calling us: +7 (927) 201-01-28

Are you looking for a place where you and your colleagues could escape from your work routine? Then our boutique hotel is the answer!

The stringent exquisiteness of the banquet hall in the antique mansion is a marvelous setting for chamber events for a small number of guests (up to 40 people). We offer a spacious brightly-lit hall where we can house all the guests and musical equipment of a small band with comfort. The high ceilings of the hall provide great acoustics for jazz pieces and opera singing.

Here you can hold:

  • a musical concert
  • an exhibition or a picture gallery
  • conduct a workshop or a reading and recital

The high ceilings and split-system air-conditioning allow you to set a comfortable temperature for all the participants in any season. During the interval, we can organize a buffet dinner or a tea break so that you can recharge some energy for successful work.

The staff of the boutique hotel Sivre’s Estate will welcome you warmly and create a highly recreational atmosphere.

We will book the hall for you, just call us: +7 (927) 201-01-28

The Boutique Hotel Sivre Estate offers favourable terms for cooperation to their company’s clients. You can get special rates for accommodation or book rooms in advance by a special tariff in case you form a partnership with us

You will get

  • Round-the-clock service
  • Timely arrangement of all accounting documents for your company
  • Special prices for the company’s events
  • Opportunities for cooperated marketing programs
  • Options for making a deposite and changing the dates of arrival

Our guests can always learn up-to-date information about special deals in our boutique hotel and get an individual consultation from our manager, who will answer all your questions.

We will be thrilled to forge a partnership with you!

For additional information and agreement for corporate service call us: +7 (927) 201-01-28

Sometimes we all wish to spend time ‘tete-a-tete’ as a couple so that nothing but you and your feelings exist, and so you could disclose even the most secret thoughts or make a declaration, or give someone just that something extra special.

We are delighted to offer you to linger «Alone in the Universe» in the hall of a 19th century mansion. You will have dinner by candlelight, enjoy authentic Italian cuisine and will bathe in warm emotions as if you were entirely alone in the whole world.

Isn’t this an enticing offer?

Organise a special dinner, call us: +7 (927) 201-01-28

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Уникальная возможность, которая бывает раз в году, провести новогодние выходные в изысканных номерах нашего бутик-отеля.

Рождественские каникулы самые волшебные в году! И место должно быть особенное. Уникальная возможность провести новогодние выходные в изысканных номерах нашего бутик-отеля по специальной акции: при бронировании 2 дней третий с 50% скидкой. Так же вас ждёт комплимент от нашего отеля бутылка шампанского и шоколадные угощения ручной работы.

Спешите бронировать, номеров не так много, по телефону: +7 (927) 201-01-28

Люкс "Альфред фон вакано"

Sivre Estate means Privacy

The boutique hotel is located on one of the most atmospheric streets of Samara's city centre, within an arm's reach of its business infrastructure, the Volga embankment and all the important tourist routes and city's museums.

The architecture of the mansion represents ‘Modern style’ (Art Nouveau Moderne) and the history dates back for more than 100 years. After the reconstruction in January 2019, it was reopened for visitors, having become an island of comfort and a ground for various events.

The hotel is hardly inferior to other hotels of the city in its comfort and service level, but on the contrary, uniquely offering an atmosphere of privacy to its guests.

We offer room service, an Italian tavern with a terrace, a banquet hall, a lobby bar with a fireplace, a laundry and free parking.

Sivre Estate means Exquisiteness

The interior was designed by architects Alexey Moldavsky (St. Petersburg) and Mary Kryzhevskaya (Ufa). The architects have long been successfully collaborating on projects, occasionally forming a creative tandem. As they have said, designing "Sivre's Estate" was especially interesting as it was offbeat. The idea to combine modern and antique in the format of boutique hotel creating cosy and home-like atmosphere was far from frivolous.

The designers of the project created a collection of 10 unique rooms in three categories of comfort: Standard, Junior Suite and Suite, equipped with everything you need for a long stay as well as short-term business trips. The interior of each is dominated by its individual colour, crafted furniture and decorated by paintings by famous Samara artists.

The hotel’s lobby bar is reminiscent of a cozy lounge area where our guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in a soft arm-chair by the fire.

The splendid banquet hall with tall arched windows and doors and high stucco ceilings allows you to hold both family and business events, workshops, readings and recitals, and even modern art exhibitions.

On the ground floor of the mansion there is an Italian tavern, where we cook authentic pizza and pasta, following traditional recipes. In summer, the tables are laid on the terrace in the yard of the hotel.

Sivre Estate is Straightforward

You can come to visit us, book a room or a banquet hall by just calling us!

We are keen to see you among our valued guests at Sivre Estate.

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A house with history

From 1871 to 1903 the city manor on Voznesenskaya street partially or completely belonged to Anna Fyodorovna Sivre. Anna was well-known in the city thanks to her men's primary school — one of the first private educational institutions in Samara. The boys were taught Latin, Russian, French, and German, Penmanship, Religion, Arithmetic, Geography, and Music. The school was taught by the priest and Madame Sivre herself.

Sivre's stone mansion was built in the early 1900s in the Art Nouveau style. The name of the architect is unknown, but the house was undoubtedly built on the author's project. From the street it is a two-storied mansion with a mezzanine, from the yard it is a three-storied city manor with wide balconies overlooking the Volga. The Sivre house has the status of an architectural monument of regional importance, it is one of the most interesting historical buildings not only on Stepan Razin street, but also in the whole district.

From 1903 to 1917, the manor was inhabited by the family of lawyer Alexander Smirnov, but the house retained the name of Sivre's Estate. During the great Patriotic war, the Greek and Iranian embassies evacuated from Moscow were housed in the mansions next to Sivre's house. For decades, the Sivre's mansion was an elite governmental hotel. The hotel function of the house has been kept till these days, with the only difference in the lever of in design, comfort and quality of service from its predecessors.

Suite «Peter Alabin»

The geography of activity of Peter Alabin (1824-1896) is extensive. Born in Podolsk, he was the governor of Sofia and a mayor of Samara, an honorary citizen of three cities - Vyatka, Samara and Sofia. In 1877, he led a delegation that handed over the «Samara banner» embroidered by the nuns of the Iversky convent to the Bulgarian militia. Today it is one of the symbols of the Bulgarian armed forces. Peter Alabin - one of the most active leaders of Samara, a philanthropist, and a journalist. Thanks to his works «The twentieth Anniversary of Samara as a provincial city» and «The three-century Anniversary of the city of Samara» we can learn more about the life of the provincial city in the second half of the XIX century.

Suite «Alfred von Vacano»

Alfred Filippovich von Vacano (1846-1929) is one of the largest entrepreneurs of Samara of XIX-XX centuries. In 1880, an Austrian nobleman founded Zhiguli brewery. Today «Zhiguli beer» is known far beyond Samara and Russia, it is produced in other cities, and all this thanks to the brewer von Vacano. He was not only the «Beer king», but also took an active part in the social life of the city, was a trustee of educational institutions and shelters. At the expense of von Vacano, for example, in 1902 Pushkin square behind the Samara drama theater was built. In the square a wooden pavilion was constructed, where a Family-pedagogical community worked. Ten years later, the patron opened the first tennis courts in the city in park.

Junior Suite «Mstislav Rostropovich»

The musical history of Samara is inseparably linked with the name of Mstislav Rostropovich (1927-2007). The great cellist and conductor came here on tour more than once. Performance in Kuibyshev was included in the Volga tour of 1972, the last pre-emigration tour of the musician in the cities of the Soviet Union. In the late 1990s, the Maestro chose Samara for the world premiere of Sergei Slonimsky's Opera «Visions of Ivan the Terrible». The production team of the play included the Director Robert Sturua, the artist Georgy Aleksi-Meskhishvili, and Rostropovich himself acted as artistic director and chief conductor of the production.

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Thank you for staying with us!

General Manager of «Sivre’s Estate» boutique hotel Korneeva Irina
+7 (846) 207-71-28

The Tavern’s Manager Gianguido Breddo
+7 (846) 207-71-29

The reception of the hotel
+7 (846) 207-71-28, +7(927) 201-01-28
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128, Stepana Razina street, Samara, Russia, 443099

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Business events

Make a presentation, have a business-lunch or conduct training and workshops on the premises of our hotel.
1500 rub/hour
free wi-fi
dressing room
soft chairs

Family events

We can house any important event in your life, whether it's a birthday, a wedding or a graduation party.
Hall rent (until 23:00) 6000 rub
1700 rub/person
Renting till 23:00
Corkage fee 300 rubles
service fee 10%


You can hold conferences, seminars, meetings or important negotiations on the premises of our hotel.
2500 rub/hour
free wi-fi
reception area
particpant's packet

The mansion of the XIX century

The mansion of the end of the XIX century for your events!
60 000 rubles
sheltered parking area
banquet hall

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The best mansion from the end of the XIX century for your events!

«Sivre Estate» is located in the historic centre of the city away from street noise so your event will be held in a calm and confidential atmosphere, within an arm’s reach of the Volga River and other significant landmarks of the city.

The price: 60,000 rub per day

We offer:

  • A day’s rent of the hotel's building
  • Rooms to accommodate your guests (10 cozy individually-decorated rooms: 2 suites, 1 junior suite and 7 standard rooms)
  • Banquet hall for 36 seats and the total area of 67 sq.m
  • A complementary gift for newly-weds

To book the hotel, call us: +7 (927) 201-01-28

No matter what your business event is: a presentation, a business lunch, a meeting or your company’s event – it is extremely important to find a location where your guests will feel comfortable.

The banquet hall of The Sivre Estate Hotel is the best choice.

The hall is 67 m2 with high ceilings and arch windows which is well brightly lit during the day and has great acoustics for delivering speeches. It is ideal for events up to 40 people.

You can also order delicious starters and drinks from our Italian Tavern where the chefs will offer a diverse menu of culinary masterpieces. A buffet dinner is also available to order.

Price: 1500 rub/ hour


  • Comfortable arrangement of all the zones
  • Convenient location of the boutique-hotel in the downtown of Samara
  • Available accommodations for the participants
  • Free sheltered parking area

Options for seats distributions:

  • A round table
  • A theater
  • Customized seats distribution
  • A classroom
  • U-shape


  • Free wi-fi access
  • Informational support
  • A cloakroom
  • Soft chairs
  • Lobby-bar with a balcony
  • Reception area
  • LED TV for visual aids (50”) (127sm) with USB/HDMI connection

Extra service:

  • Coffee-breaks, business lunch, banquets
  • Customized menu
  • Negotiation hall is provided

Attend the excursion tour around our boutique-hotel by calling us: +7 (927) 201-01-28

Few of the banquet halls in Samara can surpass Sivre Estate’s banquet hall in its exquisiteness and first-class service.

Have you been dreaming about a small chamber wedding? Then we can offer our banquet hall – this place will suit any celebration with your nearest and dearest.

The banquet hall with arch windows and doors can house up to 36 people and the tables can be arranged in any convenient way.

One more pro for choosing “Sivre Estate” is a free photo shoot for newly-weds located in the interiors of the mansion. The shoots can be done not only inside the banquet hall and the hotel, but also outside, on the territory of the yard. We complement all newly-weds with a dessert prepared by the best chocolatiers in Samara.

Hall rent (until 23;00) 6000rub

From 1700 rub per person

Corkage fee – 300 rub

10% for service

Seats arrangement

  • Round table
  • Customized seats distribution
  • U-shape

Extra Service

  • free wi-fi- access
  • sheltered parking area
  • accommodations for guests
  • cloak room
  • soft chairs
  • lobby-bar for a wedding welcoming
  • LED TV (50’’) (127sm) with USB/HDMI

Extra fee service

  • a room for newly-weds
  • wedding ceremony area

Attend the excursion tour around our boutique-hotel by calling us +7 (927) 201-01-28

In the boutique hotel “Sivre Estate” there is everything you need not only for comfortable rest, but also for business. We will provide you with all the facilities for business events such as training, dealer meetings and company meetings.

The 67 sq.m hall houses up to 40 people. The hall is decorated in the general style of the hotel.

Price: 2500 rub/hour (water and stationery included)


  • Free WI-FI access
  • Sheltered parking area
  • Information support
  • Wardrobe
  • Soft chairs
  • Lobby-bar with a balcony
  • Reception area
  • LED TV for visual aids (50”) (127sm) with USB/HDMI connection

Additional Service:

  • coffe-breaks, business lunches and dinner parites
  • customized menus
  • negotiation room is provided

Apply for a tour roung our boutique hotel by calling us +7 (927) 201-01-28